Tip of the Iceberg
Exploring Offshore Wind-Energy

Client : *Academic Assignment

Brief : Choose a topic that you find important and you feel passionate about. Investigate the topic from as many possible angles as possible, mapping connections between incidents, characters, history and trends. Identify possible opportunities to impact your chosen topic and finally present your research, conclusions and opportunities in the form of a book.

Solution : This book tackled a topic that struck a nerve with me, the potential negative impact of offshore wind-farms on coastal ecosystems and local communities. Taking a critical point of view, the project aimed to map and illuminate a wide range of very uncertain factors involved in proposed wind-farm developments on the Norwegian coast. Some of these factors include direct and indirect environmental impact, sustainability of the systems, their maintenance and infrastructure, as well as their financial viability. Research data was gathered from a range of publicly available sources of scientific and financial analysis, interspersed with interviews conducted with individuals from the affected communities.